keeping austin weird

Howdy, y’all! Texas marks state #4! Again, at the beginning of the year, I made a goal that I would visit 5 new states this year.  So many beautiful places to explore in the U.S., and I’ve barely scratched the surface. A few months ago, we planned a trip to Disneyworld and World of Harry … More keeping austin weird


Finally got around to writing part II of my trip to New Orleans – riding the Caltrain down to the South Bay is my favorite time to blog, haha. When you don’t have internet for over an hour, writing is the best pasttime 🙂 Read on for my experience with more food, the Hurricane Katrina … More NOLA part DEUX!


At the start of 2015, Justin and I made a resolution to travel to 5 new states this year. We got to go on a trip to Washington in January, when we visited our friends in Seattle. Two weekends ago, the two of us had the opportunity to travel to Arizona! We found extremely cheap … More PAIR-IZONA

oh hello there!

Hey everybody, welcome to my little apartment on the internet! I haven’t quite defined what type of blog this will be, but for now, it’ll be a “lifestyle blog”. What even is a lifestyle blog? I don’t know, but I’ll be posting about travels, my life in San Francisco, food posts & recipes, workouts…anything is … More oh hello there!