introducing: southeast asia series

Hi everybody! Is this thing on? I have not blogged in a very, very long time…whoops! I wrote this terribly long blog post about my time in Southeast Asia and left it in Word for about a year. I was frustrated because it was extremely long and I didn’t know how to make it digestible, so I abandoned it. And I abandoned my blog, and I’ve been feeling this tiny bout of guilt for the longest time. So here we go – I’m releasing tidbits of my trip, city by city, in a Southeast Asia Series. Better late than never right?

Some background on our trip – I traveled around Southeast Asia for ~2.5 weeks (video here outlining our entire trip) with 3 of my best friends last February. We wanted to explore as MUCH as we could, so we jam-packed our itinerary. In the 17 days we were there, we took 10 flights and explored 9 cities within 3 countries – Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. We never spent more than 2 nights in one city. It was quite the exhausting trip, but we really saw so much! Not for the faint of heart, and I definitely wish we had more time to explore each and every city. Not everybody has the luxury to take months off of work y’all, so we improvised.

We spent most of our time in Thailand, so here was our journey through the country:

Thailand (1)

Thailand has such a diverse landscape that really anyone can enjoy. If you want a nice, relaxing vacation, you can lay out on the most gorgeous beaches and treat yoself to some nice (and reasonably priced) massages. If you’re craving an adventure, you can trek the jungles and go on some pretty jaw-dropping hikes. All the cities within Thailand are so different, and you really can’t go wrong with any itinerary. We did a mix of everything. Stay tuned for blog posts on each city!

City Guides:
Khao Sok National Park

Koh Phi Phi


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