two weeks in southeast asia!

Oh hey there…long time no see…

I’m ashamed that this blog is called “a toast to posts” because I can’t toast to posts that I don’t write. WHOOPS! Here’s a toast to my new goal: be more consistent 🙂

Anyhoo (anywho?), here is a video I made about my Southeast Asia trip! I think about it all the time, and I can’t wait to plan my next international adventure. On my YouTube channel is also a video on my trip to Austin, which I actually finished in January but was too embarrassed to publicize because it was my first video. Check that out too!

Written blog about my Southeast Asia trip to come – it’s already in the works, I’m just trying to shorten it. I’m back, y’all! Making this video reignited something in me, and I’m ready to create some content 🙂


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