oh hello there!

Hey everybody, welcome to my little apartment on the internet! I haven’t quite defined what type of blog this will be, but for now, it’ll be a “lifestyle blog”. What even is a lifestyle blog? I don’t know, but I’ll be posting about travels, my life in San Francisco, food posts & recipes, workouts…anything is game! The title is what it is because I’m celebrating all types of posts. I think it’s so important to document your life, whether it’s through photos, blogs, Instagram, whatever – you may say it’s a millennial thing, but I love looking back at my Instagram and remembering all the good ol’ times. I also live on Post, and I also like toast. So here’s a toast to posts!

I’m starting this because for years, I’ve thought man, it’d be so cool to have a blog. I follow a couple blogs and I always thought they were SO COOL but I never bit the bullet and actually started one. I am also terrible at documenting my life – I used to write in my journal every day up until high school, and I really regret letting so many great memories slip away in the last several years.

Well, I’m trying to be more proactive about my goals so HERE IT IS! Expect lots of lame title posts, grammatical errors, and general weirdness. To make this interesting/helpful to you, I’m planning on posting travel guides, recipes, workouts, and any type of advice I can give you! I hope you get SOMETHING out of this little blog of mine. Also whoops, I forgot to introduce myself – my name is Lisa! Welcome, and I hope you enjoy!



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